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We guide you. We support you. We protect you.

Over-hyped and ever changing technology slows down your business process if you don’t know how to make the best use of it. Marathon Technology Group provides IT managed services through certified network administrators, technicians and help-desk support in addition to database and web application developers, and digital marketing experts.

How We Work

We’ve designed a proven 5-step process that leads to the best solution for your unique needs.

As the region’s premier outsourced IT services provider we give you the knowledge you need to purchase the right equipment, integrate the best software, centralize your key data, support your employees, and safeguard and grow your business every day.

Marathon Technology Group’s unique approach to providing scalable managed IT services, business applications, and digital marketing designs allow you to pick and choose the level of support or advising your business requires.

Why This Works

We adopt a stakeholder mindset that helps you grow your business.

Everything in business starts with data. You acquire it, store it, save it, use it, share it, and analyze it all to grow your business. No other IT services provider offers the comprehensive and responsive approach to how your data is stored, shared, used, protected, encrypted, managed or mined than we do.

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We're An IT Boutique Unlike Anyone Else

As degreed, trained and certified technology specialists, we are vendor neutral IT consultants, trainers, and service providers.

We educate the IT professional as well as the do-it-yourselfer through continuing education courses and workshops we design for FWCS and IPFW. What can we do for you today?

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Open Source

While we do have partnerships with a few select hardware and software vendors we aren’t influenced by any particular vendor’s sales contests or promotions that might skew our recommendations for the best solution for your unique business need based on an incentive we’ll earn from pushing one product over another.

Fiscally Responsible

We manage your budget as closely as we manage our own. Just because you can replace something doesn’t always mean you should. We integrate legacy technology and software wherever it makes sense to do so to help keep technology waste out of our landfills and off your bottom line.

Community Driven

We also help to strengthen our community. In addition to our financial support of organizations we help dramatically expand the technical possibilities for all non-profit organizations through our involvement with Indiana Youth Institute, TechSoup, and our extensive experience in helping write technical grants for non-profits. To date, we’ve helped raise over $1,000,000 in technology grants. That translates to enterprise development, network upgrades, database development, communication system design, in-house technical support, and ongoing staff training worth millions to our community!

PrintIf you are a youth-serving nonprofit in Indiana, you may be eligible to receive a subsidized rate for consultation through our partnership with the Indiana Youth Institute. Call us today at 260-471-4316 for more information!

Our Team

Marathon Technology Group’s staff is an eclectic mix of personalities, specialties, education, and interests.

None of us are alike. And that’s what gives us an edge over other IT companies. Because we each look at an issue differently we’re able to come up with unique solutions to your specific challenge.

Marathon Technology Group - Don Branstetter

Our Story

In 1995 Don and Angie Branstetter combined their professional skills to create a computer support company, Marathon Computers. The name came from Don’s combined talent as a standout area marathoner and a degreed mechanical engineer who at the time was designing heating components for Waterfurnace International and introducing computers into their manufacturing process. Starting in the late 80’s Don was building PCs to customer specifications and was the only IT leader on staff at Waterfurnace.

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